Mitre Peak with Milford Sound

Mitre Peak with Milford Sound

Mitre Peak with Milford Sound

Earlier this month I visited Milford Sound. It was my long over due trip, as my last time there was about 3 years back, so I stayed in the area for a week.
Milford Sound is world-wide known for its jaw dropping amount of precipitation – on average up to 6m of rain annually! To put it in perspective – in centre of Europe you may receive on average just around 0.3m of rain per year. Therefore it was to my surprise that throughout whole my week not a single drop of water came from the skies down and the blue skies were on the menu every day, except the first day on my arrival.

From photography point of view, blue skies is usually not exactly what a landscape photographers crave. We always seek some points of interest for our eyes and with a washed out blue skies, the photograph can lose its appeal. I’m using word “can” as there are cases when blue skies are useful. This may be for the editorial purposes where some clear space for type is needed and in some cases and if in right context and vision, clear skies together with foreground can be utilized for graphic, artistic imagery.

In case of this photograph and to make the image more appealing, I used the sun as point of interest for viewers eye by shooting straight into it, using a small aperture to add nice starburst effect.

Thank you and Enjoy!

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