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New Stock Photos from Routeburn Track in New Zealand

Sample Images from Routeburn Track in New Zealand

Sample Images from Routeburn Track in New Zealand

Long days of summer have gone now but I’m really excited (as every year) about approaching winter’s short days and its brilliant photography light. Next to this marvellous light, white peaks around us, late mornings (for sleep in) and early evenings (to catch a dinner without a rush) these are some of few things photographers like about making photographs in winter.

I however do like getting around in summer too and this past summer hasn’t been different for me. After 11 years, I re-visited one of the best locations New Zealand has on offer – the Routeburn Track in Mount Aspiring and Fiordland National Park … and what a fantastic trip I had.

It was a photographic bonanza. The weather stayed on my side, giving me plenty of blue skies and suntan, as well as those magical low clouds around Lake Mackenzie . This was really great as it allowed me to photograph an amazing rainforest surrounding it. The only sad thing was that the bush was bone dry, thus lacking that extra juicy kick and the lake was at its lowest everyone I spoke to could have recalled.
Despite this, I’m very happy with few keepers and I got home with.

For those of you who haven’t made it to Routeburn yet, I hope that these sample photos will help you to make up your mind.

Thanks and Enjoy!

Sunrise over Lake Wanaka

A few month back I hiked up the Roys Peak 1578m to get some photographs of Lake Wanaka. It’s an easy hike mostly through the farmland but from the start to the very end it goes only uphill. With a heavy pack loaded with camping and photo gear it will give your legs a decent workout. But boy, she’s a worthwhile…
The 360 degree views from the tops are simply incredible. On clear evenings you can see for miles and miles with some iconic features of the Central Otago region. To the west for example, in this frame on left, you can see the famous “horn” of Mount Aspiring – Tititea 3033m which is the highest NZ’s mountain peak outside of Mt. Cook area.
Lake Wanaka itself is the 4′s largest NZ lake covering an area of just under 200km sq with depth of up to 300 m. Situated in u-shaped valley formed by glacier during the last ice age more then 10,000 years ago, the lake is fed by the Makarora and Matukituki rivers and is the source of the south island’s longest Clutha River.
At its longest axis, the lake is 42km long and up to 10km wide at its widest point.

This photograph has been made by stitching 13 vertical frames, processed using Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4.


Photo Tours through New Zealand!

Photo Tours

Photo Tours through fascinating New Zealand

It’s been cooking and boiling on our table for quite some time but now we’re done and ready to roll ahead.

We’re introducing our new product – Photographic Tours.

We have prepared 4 kinds of tours to chose from, each at different lengths to suit variety of clients. And of course, tailor made tours are available as well.

Being based on the spectacular, colourful and diverse wild West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand, which is by large part under UNESCO protection, we feel our tours should reflect that.
The West Coast region is a pure gem in overall breathtaking landscapes of a whole New Zealand but it is its overwhelming variety of sceneries, this 600km long stretch of land sandwiched between Tasman Sea and almost 4,000m high Southern Alps, offers to keen traveler/photographer to savour.
This is one of reasons why 3 of our tours are largely taking place in this magnificent corner of the World, giving options of magic sceneries to photograph in.

From 3.5 days through 4.5days, 10 days and up to 15 days long premium trip, our trips are available to wide range of clients.

For more info, please visit our site at: New Zealand Photo Tours

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you on our precious West Coast!

Stunning Routeburn!

Contrasting beautiful blue colour of Route Burn River on Routeburn Track with beech forest, Mt. Aspiring NP, Central Otago, New Zealand

Contrasting beautiful blue colour of Route Burn River on Routeburn Track with beech forest, Mt. Aspiring NP, Central Otago, New Zealand

Routeburn Track is one of the most beautiful hikes in New Zealand and I reckon also in the World. It is also one of 9 Great Walks in New Zealand, spanning across 2 national parks – Mt. Aspiring and Fiordland.
The scenery of this hike is just jaw dropping. Usually walked from Queenstown side to Milford Road, it takes between 2-4 days to complete this 32km long and well formed track.
Crystal clear waters of the Route Burn running through beautiful beech forest shortly after the start near the head of Lake Wakatipu makes for brilliant photo opportunities. The track continues climbing gently toward the Routeburn Flat and further to Routeburn Falls Hut. From here the track is completely in the stunning alpine environment and continues to climb to Harris Saddle before leaving Mt. Aspiring NP and entering Fiordland.
But we’ll go there next week…

In the meantime, enjoy this photograph of the Route Burn which I took when in awe over the clarity of its cold, blue waters. The shiny “silvery”rocks contrasting with juicy green mosses and beech forest just took my breath away and I was lucky enough to have a bit of an overcast day helping me to maintain enough detail in the forest shadows as well as in the Route Burn.