Calendar of Photography Tours and Workshops

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March 2018

09 - 23 March
15 days
South Island - 6 National Parks, New Zealand

April 2018

between 06 - 12 April
3.5 days
Glacier Country, New Zealand

April 2018

between 20 - 26 July
4.5 days
Rainforest and Limestone, New Zealand

August 2018

17 - 31 August
15 days

September 2018

12 - 21 September
10 days

November 2018

09 - 23 November
15 days


April 2019

16 - 30 April
15 days

May 2019

between 13 - 20 May
3.5 days

June 2019

between 03 - 10 June
4.5 days

September 2019

17 - 26 September
10 days

November 2019

05 - 19 November
15 days


May 2020

18 May - 02 June
15 days

September 2020

15 - 24 September
10 days

October 2020

22 October - 05 November
15 days


I recently had the privilege of attending the 15-day South Island Sojourn New Zealand photo tour led by Petr Hlavacek. This was not only the best photography tour that I have participated in, but also one of my best vacation experiences ever! During this trip, I learned a lot about landscape photography and compositional techniques, as well as about the beautiful South Island of New Zealand itself. I would enthusiastically recommend PetrŐs tours to anyone who is interested in improving their landscape photography skills, or who wants to experience the dramatic landscapes of New Zealand first hand.
Rick, San Diego, USA
Full review on the Petr's phototour

We got some of out best shots under Petr's guidance. He has a great eye, lots of energy and is extremely enthusiastic about his work. It’s clear that he loves what he does. My husband and I both shoot. Petr helped both of us to see our photos in many different ways, and even when the elements were not cooperating. As a result, we came home with some remarkable photos; two of which are now on our wall at our home.
Ernie and Irene, USA

The South island of New Zealand was everything I was hoping for as a prime landscape photographic location and Petr did a great job of ensuring that we saw the best at the best time of day. I'm really pleased with the photographs I ended up with and Petr's guidance had a lot to do with that. I wouldn't hesitate to participate in another of his workshops if I returned to New Zealand.
Bob, USA

I'd like to make some comments about the great photo tour that you conducted around the South Island this last March. First, it was absolutely generous of you to conduct the tour after several prospects dropped out. I know that you would have liked to have a larger group, but by conducting the tour, you saved my vacation. The National Park sites were great. Your instructions on site, and your use of Lightroom to teach and illustrate your thoughts were most appreciated. I have never been on a photo tour and learned as much as I did traveling with you. Finally, the photographs that I brought back were stunning. And that's because you pointed me and my camera to the right places. My local camera club has placed many of these NZ shots quite highly. Thanks for the great tour.
Glenn, St. Luis, Mo, USA
Every work of art has its necessity; find out your very own. Ask yourself if you would do it if nobody would ever see it, if you would never be compensated for it, if nobody ever wanted it. If you come to a clear 'yes' in spite of it, then go ahead and don't doubt it anymore.

- Ernst Haas